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Opened in 1996 by Janie and chef Giulio Pellegrini, La Rustica is the culmination of over 45 years of crafting cuisine, relationships and love. Janie and Giulio have been married for over 40 years and have been co-restauratuers for as long.

 Hailing from Patrica, Italy, where he attended art school, Giulio emigrated to Michigan in 1965. He met his beautiful wife soon after and as a young family they began thier careers rooted in Giuio's love for the regional Patricano cuisine and his passion for artistry, quality and hard work. Janie soon became a masterful baker. She bakes all of the desserts for the restaurant including her now legendary Tiramisu. Each spring, Janie's gardening talents come to life as the patio is reborn. Another summer of joy and good times ahead.

 As a team, they bring the very best quality ingredients to you, offer thier passion for good food, good wine and great times shared with loved ones and welcome you as personal guests to their dining room.

The World of Mobile Phones Mobile phones

By Sebastian Pilaf, Jun 16 2017 03:21PM

Much more than communication

With the changing lifestyle of people, the competition is touching the sky, in a bid to offer the latest in the market. Mobile phones industry for instance is rising at such a high speed that almost every month, a new mobile phone is launched with a new feature and technology.

The sleek, powerful and portable devices, mobile phones allow you to keep in touch with the world and have become an important aspect of your life. Today we cannot move out without our mobile phones. These mini devices add to your personality, style and attitude. These days, people like to change their handsets frequently and have the latest handsets with the latest technology. The multitude of options, handsets and tariff plans are available with a wide variety of choice for the consumers. You will definitely find the handset and plan you are looking for. The manufacturers are offering unique features to lure customers and give a competition to their competitors.

According to your personal preferences and budget, you can easily find the handset you are looking for.

The best part is that you dont need go anywhere to buy a mobile phone. You can buy them from the comfort of your home at just a few clicks. The consumers get attracted by attractive designs, stunning looks and small sizes of mobile phones. Experience much more than just communicating and messaging. You can even browse the internet and access mails from this small gadget. Besides cameras and music players, there are some superb features that take care of your work on the move.

Features like virtual document viewer, TV output function also allow you to stay connected as well as enjoy on the move. Connectivity features like Bluetooth and USB allow you to connect to other compatible computers and laptops.

Communication being an important part of life, the mobile phones have become popular gadgets of the new generation and have a lot to offer in the coming days.

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La Rustica is, at its core a love story.